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Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

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  • Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

    It will be extremely useful for me to know who has what, and who is looking for what. When I approached Honda last about creating a Phill style incentive for the FMQ2-36, they said.... "the what?". They never heard of it. So I want to gather some info so I can figure out what the level of interest is in the unit. This is vital info for us to aquire (as a group). If you are usually a lurker, get involved here. If you are a guest, sign up and fill in the poll... Please?

    I feel that anyone driving at, or above 100 miles per day, would be better served by the FMQ units for a number of obvious reasons. Someone like me that droves 20 miles per day is fine with a Phill, as it will give them years of service, as opposed to a 100 mile a day guy who will wear it out in 3.5 years (according to FM, and faster in reality). Note that they use 7000 hrs as their target lifespan back in this early literature.

    In fact, here's their numbers for anticipated unit service life, and their comments concerning the unit:

    "Phill is designed to last approximately 5 to 7 years based on a Civic GX that is driven 12,000 miles per year."

    Customer commute in miles: 100/day
    Refueling Time: 8 hrs
    Commute days: 260/yr
    Phill hrs of operation/yr: 2080
    Years until 7000 Hrs: 3.5 years

    Note that they use 7000 in this 2005 literature. I have received nothing more from FM with revised information.

    50 mi/day
    260 days/yr
    1040 hrs/yr
    6.9 yrs

    30 miles/day
    3.7 hrs/day
    702 hrs/yr
    10.3 yrs

    Comments are welcome but keep them short, to the point and on topic. I don't need info on installers, FM policies, etc, as I know where you are all at with that and it is covered in other area's of the forum.
    Thank you for your participation.
    I own a Phill
    I own a FM-2/FM-3/FM-4/FMQ2-36
    I intend to buy a Phill
    I intend to buy another model (ie, FM-2/3/4/2-36)
    I drive over 75 miles @ day
    I drive under 75 miles @ day
    I am actively searching for a used unit for home refueling.
    I will buy my unit (FM series) new
    I have multiple CNG's and need dual hose capability.
    My unit is associated with my business

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    Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

    I am currently on my second Phill; the first one died at 5,000 hours and given Fuelmaker's repair policy and associated prices, it was cheaper to buy this second remanufactured unit. I anticipate it will last about 20 months since I use it to fuel 2 Civic GX's, an '03 and an '08. Each of the Civics is driven about 100 miles/work day, between 22-25K miles per year.

    If there was some program through Honda, AQMD, or some agency in addition to the small federal tax credit to reduce the purchase price more, I would buy a new FM2-Q36 with 2 hoses. Other wise, I am going to buy a used FM2-Q36. Buying another Phill does not make sense for me since it means forking out about $1600 every 1.5 years ($2000 for Phill+$300 installation+300 shipping-$1000 tax credit). With an FMQ2-36, this cost would be reduced to $1000 every 1.5 years and I would refills two times faster.
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      Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

      have two phills....12k per year on each of two gx"s


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        Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

        Here is why I passed on Phill:

        I worked with our local Fuelmaker dealer to create the attached comparison matrix which I hope you find useful.
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          Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

          I bought a used fm-4 on e-bay for $4000.00 I drive a minimum of 100 miles per day and 150 twice a week. My f-series pick-ups usually burn 800 to 1100 cubic feet of gas per fill up I save 20 min. per day.I always fill at night. Joe


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            Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

            And have almost no down time. With FMQ2-36 the local dealer fixes your unit on site. How many weeks were you down and how much extra did you have to pay the installer for the Phill exchange?
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              Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

              Honda has a program for's meant for fleets, but if you read the fine print it offers 10% off FMQ for retail sales.


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                Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

                It seems to me that the FMQ236 is the better choice in the long run. The expense of the electricity to compress the gas is greater then the cost of the gas. I think the shorter run time, less cost to rebuild for the FMQ236 makes it the better choice over the Phil. In Oklahoma, the State is giving up to 50% tax credit for installing a home fill station (at least until the end of '08). I plant to take advantage of it.


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                  Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

                  Hey, does anyone know what the process is to certify a refueling appliance in the U.S.A.? Does it have to be national or state wide? Any information?


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                    Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

                    I would start with your gas utility. They will have the information you're looking for. They may even have the ability to assist you financially with the project.


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                      Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

                      i have phil. incentive would be nice for a 36 i use it for business less than 75 miles per day


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                        Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

                        I have a quick question for all you fuelmaker reps out there, can a remote panel for an FMQ be put inside a garage?
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                          Re: Home Refueling Poll - Phill vrs FMQ

                          why fool with any fuel maker that are just toys when you can have a real compresser just dont understand or do I just miss the point cowboy