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Fuelmaker Phill - Pressure gauges in action

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  • Fuelmaker Phill - Pressure gauges in action

    Gen 1 Phill video with pressure gauges in operation. Top left gauge is 4th stage output pressure (~3600psi), top right is 1st stage output pressure (~50psi), bottom is gas line input pressure (~10.5 inches water). This is a video of the hose pressure test "hose fill" with no vehicle attached. The pause in the middle is where Phill watches the 4th stage pressure for leakdown. If you notice the input pressure gauge is fluctuating before Phill is started it is because there is an FMQ2-36 outside running off the same gas line. There is no good place to attach 2nd and 3rd stage gauges without drilling and tapping threads which would require a compressor head tear down and there are no rebuild kits for Phill. Warning - installing pressure gauges will void your warranty etc.