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Ever replace any bearings on your Davey?

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  • Ever replace any bearings on your Davey?

    I'm running an eagle / Davey electric powered compressor. Mine only turns 700 rpm with belt reduction and it's been getting increasingly noisy in a rattly kind of way. I see bargain Marge sells rod and crank bearings for these compressors so I assume somebody must be changing out their bearings from time to time.

    If I've got a bucket of bolts clattering kind of sound when my compressor is running at 700 rpm can anyone think of something besides bad bearings I can attribute it to? Originally I hoped it was just the belts flapping on the pulleys because they weren't quite tight enough but I'm starting to think it's something more involved.

    So the final question is how big a job is it to open it up to check bearings and replace as needed?

    Any input is welcomed!