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30 CFM Davey Prototype

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  • 30 CFM Davey Prototype

    Partnering with Cowboy/B&B Industries to test high capacity Davey Compressors at my property in Tennessee. I will be providing pressures starting at 15 psi This Davey is completely off the grid with 299 engine set up on NG. Inlet pressure 15 psi, 4 stage, 30 cfm, 15 gge per hour. Will be able to give my Coltri a rest. Considering I'm planning on subdividing my land to include lifetime supply of gas with purchase of parcel, the community will need a compressor with large output. Add some storage we will have a completely off the grid community including transportation fuel. The way our country is going this will be a must.
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    I like your ingenuity!

    Have you measured the output or are you just figuring doubling the input pressure will double the rated output of 15cfm at atmospheric pressure?

    I see a gas meter hanging on the side. If that is measuring the engines fuel consumption, how many scfh does it consume pumping 30 cfm through the compressor?

    I have a Davey with a Wisconsin v4hd that is unbearably loud. How is the noise level with the engine you transplanted?



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      I assume the lpg tank is being used as a pulse tank. Would it work better if the gas meter on the trailer was connected before the tank ?


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        Yes it is used as a pulse tank. I'm waiting on Cowboy to address Karl's question but I do know the system is surprisingly not that loud.


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          ok I am back from trucking. to Karls question it will pump 30 cfm. as calculated by subtracting the motor gas meter from the gas co meter at my shop it is just over 30cfm at 1800 rpm. as to the noise it is about as loud as a pick up running 60 as it has a car muffler it is running 1800 rpm to lakewoods question the gas meter is just for the motor fuel so I could calculate the % of fuel for compression it uses 13.6 % of the gas for compression the motor is a 292 chevy with impco carburetion the compression has not been raised so it could do better. I built the dyno for testing IR compressors years ago. but could not get the cranks to stay in them with the bearings on one end of the crank when I increased the inlet it sat for years and when I started running out of horsepower from increasing the flow of the daveys I made a adaptor for the Davey and here we are I will keep everyone updated as we try to break it as I wont sell anything I don't believe in it will take time to prove it out.


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            How are the long term results looking?
            How does the doubled inlet pressure affect your pressure on stages 1,2 &3?
            Do the crank seals on the compressor leak more with the inlet pressure at 15 psi? I assume the pressure on the first stage inlet pressurizes the crankcase through the crankcase ventilation hose.

            I just got my Davey/Eagle operational at 700 rpm and I do have some oil leakage around the crank on the cooler/radiator side of the compressor.

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