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    I have a Davey model MC-1A (Wisconsin VH4D running on NG) My trouble started several months ago. My engine would stall out when my compressor reached a load of 2500 psi.This problem continued, thinking it was my engine and each week I would replace a component hoping for positive results, until a few weeks ago, it started getting worse. It then went to stalling out when the compressor loaded at 1500 psi, now its stalls out at random psi pressures, sometimes its 1000 psi and then sometimes its 500 psi. When the engine begins to stalls under a load, I can disengage the clutch and the engine continues to run, give it a few minutes and reengage the clutch and it will continue back to compressing for about 10 minutes and it will die under a load again. User Cowboy was a friend, neighbor and my goto guy, with his passing I'm lost on figuring out the quirks of these Daveys. I've been running my Davey since 2010 filling up 2 PU trucks each week with no real issues until now. I'm sure its not the Wisconsin engine, Ive changed out my NG regulator that fuels my engine, a new Impco mixer, plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, distributor button, coil, checked and rechecked the timing numerous of times. I also run an electronic ignition and have replaced it. When loaded the 1st stage runs about 45 psi, 2nd stage runs 140 psi, 3rd stage runs 450 psi. It has always ran with these pressures for the last 12 years. I do know my 1st stage will not hold pressure when not loading, it will leak down to the 2nd stage and the psi goes to 250 psi and my poppit valve releases the excess. Its been like that for 12 years and wasn't a concern. The compressor sounds like it could be Dead-heading, not sure if its a feed back problem with my continous bleed or a cylinder head valve problem. If anyone has any experience with this type of compressor I would greatly appreciate their help or suggestions.