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Coldest safe ambient (outside) start-up temperature without oil sump heater

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  • Coldest safe ambient (outside) start-up temperature without oil sump heater

    What is the coldest safe ambient start-up temperature for Coltri compressor using Chemlube 751 oil without an oil sump heater? The owners manual says 23 degrees. Chemlube says 5 degrees. I am in New Orleans and it rarely gets below 30 degrees, but sometimes it does.

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    my thinking is that the closer to operating temperature the better I do not like starting anything below 70 f no matter what oil is in it my thinking is that the parts are set up to fit properly at operating temp so the cylinders are tight on the pistons and such. it is much like if your car has a heater and you use it you will get many more miles out of it but as long as the oil will flow immediately it will be ok I have heaters on both ends of my compressor I just buy the orange stick on 110 volt stick on ones off of ebay stick one on the compressor and one on the engine oil pan than plug them in with a cord and unplug the before starting as they are not rated for gas if it is much colder than 70 I plug them in for a few hours before starting . if you are running a electric motor you only need one I use a 250 watt unit just my thoughts


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      Wow, less than 70 degrees...... I was thinking maybe less than 40. Even if you keep the oil/sump warm, the whole thing is air-cooled and as far as "the parts being set up to fit properly at operating temperature", it seems that I get more oil blow-by in cold weather I think because the piston ring gaps are bigger than they are in warmer weather. Ideally, the piston ring end gaps should be near butted when warmed up. May have more piston to wall clearance, too, with colder ambient temperature.