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100 third stage valve/piston/sleeve assemblies

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  • 100 third stage valve/piston/sleeve assemblies

    I contacted a company that makes the Titanium flight controls for the F-35 fighter jets and had them make these for me as getting them through "regular channels" was difficult (horrible customer service in some cases)

    These new assemblies are made from hardened 4000 series chromoly steel and as such aren't engineered to fail, according to the engineer the sleeves should last 5-10 times longer then the oem sleeve

    I have 2500 piston rings being made and 500 wave springs and 500 sealing rings also being custom made, that way each set has 5 sets of wear components. A single set should last for several years even with extremely heavy usage.

    I also found that the oem o-rings are also prone to failure, I have higher strength/heat resistant Viton o-rings on the way as well (500 sets)

    Will update when i have further info.

    Enjoy this filth Brit....

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    Ah, a little bit of depravity goes a long way. Love what you're doing, I've just bought 3 x valve sets, and two cylinder sets from Coltri, and it took ages to get them. Wish I'd known!

    You've found a ready customer in me for these. What can I say? I'm surprised, very good luck to you.


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      Those look like the new style "Red Head" third stages. I talked with Nuvair about fitting the MCH5 with those heads for another of my customers. But, they said that they did it once and it required a lot of custom machining. And that they were not going to do it anymore at no charge since the labor alone cost them more than the head itself. Do you have a use for that many?
      Ray Contreras


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        That is what Nuvair told me as well but it sure sounds like it can be fabricated the way Joe mentioned. Nuvair wouldn't even sell me the red head. Maybe because the old style head generates more revenue through part replacement.

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      iirc all the new mch 5`s use the red heads, as well as the mch 10, 13, 16, 20 and 24

      Even if it were just the mch5`s that needed them i think 100 is a nice round number :-)

      Mine was converted and all that was required was the trimming of the lip of the head (easily done with a dremel/rotozip/cutoff wheel or even a hacksaw), and the intercooler lines had to be bent a little bit.

      Not exactly a monumental task.

      red head machined.jpg
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        The threads for the inlet and outlet are different as well so they had to be drilled out and re-tapped. And we would all prefer to supply the red head. It runs a bit cooler, is more efficient and even makes the second stage more efficient as well. The old style valve can be a pain in that, I can sell a new valve assembly and have a customer return it saying that it worked for a while and then quit working right. And, since they are sealed, I can't take them apart to inspect. I have had to eat valve assemblies just to take care of the customer. Now that I have a way to test them, I have perfectly good assemblies sitting on the workbench.
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      That 3rd stage piston and sleeve assembly looks like it would fit the old style MCH5, if not, what is the difference?


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        Completely different design. The biggest change visually is in the cylinder head


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          100? I'm surprised, 1000 is usually a min. prod. run for knocking-up most stuff. Can't see it being too hard to get rid of 'em either.
          You won't fit these valves in the old style head. Converted mine to the 'Red-head' and being a late 2011 the conversion was a straight bolt-on jobby. No machining. And anyway, as Joe says, "Not exactly a monumental task." Suggest: It's a bit barnyard, but I reckon I would gingerly hacksaw/angle-grinder the thing, and dress it with a file. Who said this was a beauty contest?

          As I've already mentioned, I see they've just revamped the second stage valve(s) too.

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