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first stage rings? mch 5

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    Most of the problems had been on a Ingersoll Rand H40 which is not a great compressor in the first place (Royco Royal). I also ran a synthetic in a Hurricane built by Grimmer-Shimmit (Mobile 1), another compressor of dubious build quality. The main problem was bottom end failure but also ring break in and seal issues.


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      FWIW, running in does take time. Bedding down rings, here's my experience. Ran Coltri's own or Anderol 755 which I'm told Bauer brand as Bauer N28355. On trdscfjc's lead swapped to Royal Purple's own CNG specific blend. Note Bauer also have a CNG specific blend so either trdscfjc and I are being sold snake-oil or somebody knows something.

      Now I've also jsut fitted a complete frist stage, thus new cylinder, gudgeon-pin, piston, rings and valve-plate. I got my brand-spanking cylinder and honed it, Now whether this was unnecessary, I'll never know , but ex-factory no honing was visible. It's been running at least 25 hours and only now has first stage pressure stated to rise, so the running in does take time. Is that my oil choice causing this? If it is, that's very good long-term, but frankly I don't know and have no way of telling.

      As an aside, I've put this link up before, but I got my first stage valve plate from here:

      Very cheap.
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        Originally posted by alpacafarmer View Post
        Also looking for the orientation of the first stage valve. There is an S on one side with 4 positions available. Intake side or outgoing? facing the piston or the head?
        did you find out what the orientation is for the 1st stage valve? Is the S facing head or piston? I am in the same boat and can't figure out orientation. Thanks


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          I don't get on here too often and I'm guessing you've worked it out by now. Anyways, I tried to upload pix of my strip-down. I Failed. 400K 800 pixel files insist on no display
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            One more go


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              Got it figured out but thanks for posting a reply