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Pattern / Aftermarket parts for Coltri MCH5

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  • Pattern / Aftermarket parts for Coltri MCH5

    I like to keep to Coltri parts where I can, but often with a machine down, pattern parts are not always cheaper, but can be got hold of quicker. Laurence Factors (LF) I've not used but Bauer I have:

    So I'll kick off:

    Bauer Part Number 82048 is the Valve Key to fit old 3rd stage head valves and 2nd Stage valves. Which is also LF part NP-2217-0009A

    3rd Stage:
    a) Bauer Part Number 81409 Valve fits Inlet the 3rd Stage on the old MCH5 3rd stage heads. Not the newer Red Head. This part also has advantages over the Coltri equivalent in that it gets round the oval seat and green O ring issue not fitting in those older heads where Coltri changed the Valve. The Bauer version does not have the Green 'O' Ring. Also I think is LF part NP-2201-0001A
    b) New Red Head 3rd Stage has a copper crush washer:
    1.25mm Thick
    20mm Diameter
    13.5mm Internal

    2nd Stage
    a) Bauer Utilus / Capitano / Mariner Part Number 014582 (2nd Stage Delivery Valve in 'Bauer-Speak') fits as a complete assembly. To replace this Bauer let you buy only Part Number 012835 (which in turn I think is LF Part NP-2201-0004A) consisting of the valve disc and seat/spring. Might be cheaper over Coltri part in the long-run too. WARNING: Take care not to buy Bauer Utilus / Capitano / Mariner Part 014583. Similar but for 1st stage on Bauer 3-stage compressors.
    b) Part Number 014582 / 012835 uses a copper crush washer. You'll need more than the one you'll see in the kit if you take it apart for cleaning:

    Diam Internal 16mm
    Diam External 25mm
    Thickness 1.25mm

    I could only get:
    Diam Internal 16mm
    Diam External 24mm
    Thickness 1.25mm
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    1st Stage:
    A third of the price Bauer UK would rush me... cheapest place for a first stage reed valve is here, 70 Euro:

    OK, they insist on calling these a 'First Stage Reed valve suction and discharge Bauer N04860 Oceanus Junior'... but we know what they mean.

    Bauer N04860 1st Stage Reed Valve 05-07-2017 01.png Bauer N04860 1st Stage Reed Valve 05-07-2017 02.png

    Last outing, I made up my own gasket out of metal-laminated cylinder head gasket sheet and some punches.
    It would be difficult, (VERY) but i reckon you could make a new reed out of spring steel sheet stock. Not sure what thickness you'd need but stuff like this...

    ReedValve Sheet Stock 05-07-2017 01.png ReedValve Sheet Stock 05-07-2017 02.png

    Would need to be ground or water-jet / laser cut to get a clean non-fracturing edge though.... awkward.
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