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2 new public CNG stations featuring BAUER compressors underway in the central valley!

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  • 2 new public CNG stations featuring BAUER compressors underway in the central valley!

    Revolution CNG is pleased to announce two new projects featuring the state-of-the-art BAUER 'X-Fill' CNG compressor!

    The long-awaited Central Valley Transportation Center in Reedley, CA will feature a public access fast fill dispenser fed by a powerful 26.12 'X-Fill compressor skid. This liquid-cooled, 175hp machine will produce 425 ccm - or about 213 gasoline gallon equivalents per hour - to the twin hose Tulsa Gas Technologies fast fill dispenser. And if that were not enough, the new X-Fill will be backed up by a second BAUER skid, this one being a C23.2 Duplex whose twin compressors are capable of producing an additional 150 cfm / 80 GGE! This site is shaping up to be one of the most modern and most reliable CNG stations in all of California - STAY TUNED!

    RCNG is also very pleased to announce that the Central Fresno School district has chosen an RCNG / BAUER 26.2 X-Fill as the centerpiece of the new station being constructed there. This 150 hp version of the exciting new X-Fill will deliver 200 cfm, or about 100 GGE per hour, once again to the reliable Tulsa Gas Technologies dual hose fast fill dispenser. Both projects are now getting underway with completion expected by third quarter 2016.

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    Its great to see more refueling options in Central California. And the Bauer compressors will no doubt provide great uptime. Those visiting the area have a tough time finding public CNG without needing the PG&E fuel card, so keep planting these in the ground


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      Great job Kieth. Keep up the good work. Glad to see the Robertson's Honda station finally up and running. It is giving great fills at great pressures.


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        UPDATE!!! A change order has been issued for the Central Valley Transportation Center project in Reedley. This site will now feature TWO 175hp, liquid cooled BAUER 26.12 X-Fill compressors! This upgrade will easily classify the site as the most modern, cutting edge and powerful mid-size CNG station on the west coast! We are now projecting output of ~850 cfm, or roughly 440 GGE PER HOUR. This is going to be fun!!!


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          How much storage has been ordered? SPARQs new 2015 showpiece in Trinidad CO has twin 3-tube racks and Parachute CO sports three 4-tube racks - the trend seems to be to have the equivalent of 4 spheres or more with these new high flow stations . .

          CNG_Trinidad4.jpg CNG_Parachute3.jpg CNG_PalmdaleBauer5.JPG


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            We are installing a total of six, 5,500 psi max spheres arranged in a 3,2,1 cascade. But truthfully, with about 7.5 GGE per minute of direct fill performance, the storage will be there mostly to limit short cycling of the compressors. With no storage at all, these compressors would fill my Bi-fuel Silverado in less than two minutes, and would fill the largest class 8 big rigs in less than 20.


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              Things may be wrapping up with the BAUER X-Fill CNG compressor install at 1092 County Route J40, Dinuba, CA. (Dinuba Regional Area Transit yard serving Reedley)


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                To correct the 07-16-2016 post above, the $1.6M City of Dinuba Public Works CNG station at 1092 County Route J40 uses twin ANGI compressors and 6 ASME tubes. Public and fleets may obtain an account from [email protected] for the proprietary fuel card. Expansion of the station was recently concluded to serve Dinuba and Reedley city fleets, DART, Pena Disposal, and private account holders.

                CNG_Dinuba_8.jpg CNG_Dinuba_9.jpg CNG_Dinuba_6.jpg CNG_Dinuba_4.jpg CNG_Dinuba_7.jpg
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                  ...The compressors at Dinuba are actually made by Atlas Copco, aka Greenfield. Revolution CNG was not the primary contractor on this upgrade but we did assist.

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                Central Fresno School District is at 4498 North Brawley Avenue, Fresno, CA and likely got the six spheres mentioned in 03-03-2016 post.


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                  The six spheres I mentioned are for the Central Valley Transportation Center located in Reedley. Central Fresno Unified School district has Three spheres, with one Bauer 26.2 X-fill operating on 12 psi inlet pressure. this system produces ~200 cfm @4500 psi, temperature compensated. This equates to about 100 GGE/hr. There is a dual hose, Tulsa Gas Technologies fast fill dispenser located on the public side of the property and it is currently operational, although as of today it has not yet been certified by weights and measures.
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