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New Bauer and TGT equipment on line in Reedley, CA

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  • New Bauer and TGT equipment on line in Reedley, CA


    Revolution CNG has just completed a major renovation of the CNG station located at the Kings Canyon Unified School District Bus yard. We replaced the old compression equipment with a state-of-the-art Bauer 23.2 Duplex compressor skid, and we replaced the ancient fast fill dispenser with a new Tulsa Gas Technologies dual hose fast fill dispenser featuring upgraded, larger hoses and plumbing for faster flow rates. The site accepts all major credit cards, however it is located on school grounds and is only open during normal business hours.

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    If this site at 675 W Manning Ave Reedley, CA is not open nights/weekends, what about the ungated CNG dispenser at 1088 E Kamm Ave Dinuba CA. Dinuba Public Works 559-591-5921 is 9 miles away - the station is clearly visible on Google street view - but isn't found on cngprices or afdc dot coms.

    CNG_Dinuba_.png CNG_Dinuba.png