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New BAUER CNG station is up and running in Lompoc!

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  • New BAUER CNG station is up and running in Lompoc!


    After years of planning and effort, the newly refurbished CNG station at the Lompoc Unified School District is finally up and running! This station originally served only the school's fleet of busses, but the newly re-tooled facility now incorporates a 24/7 public fast fill as well!

    The Tulsa Gas Technologies dual hose fast fill dispenser is located at 618 E. Central Avenue in Lompoc. It is supported by a BAUER 23.1 duplex CNG system capable of producing 100 CFM, or about 50 GGE per hour. Best of all, this site is supported by substantial fast fill storage - we have 3ea, 20 ft CNG cylinders dedicated only to the low bank, with another 24 ft. cylinder each for the mid and high banks. This will result in the ability to provide quick, full fills and to fill several vehicles one after the other.

    There are several individuals who have remained dedicated to this project for a very long time, including Tom Sewell at Tulsa Gas Technologies among others. But a special shout out to Frances Lemmons, Director of Transportation at Lompoc Unified. Frances remained determined to make this station a reality through some very trying circumstances and the effort has really paid off.