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Complete CNG station available - time fill or fast fill...

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  • Complete CNG station available - time fill or fast fill...

    The station consists of a self-contained box that houses two IR compressors and ASME storage. There is an external 2-hose dispenser as well.

    For the compressor/storage:
    The box was originally manufactured by ANGI in 1990 and purchased new from ANGI by Natural Fuels Corp. In 1998, Natural Fuels re-configured the box with ASME storage and re-built the compressors to coincide with installing the system in a new location (Grand Junction, I think).
    There are two Ingersol-Rand compressors model number H20NG. These compressors are electrically driven. The electric motors are rated for 230V/54A or 460V/27A. The compressors are rated at 28scfm each with a supply pressure of 7psi. Realistically, consider each compressor as having the capacity of 10gge per hour. The compressors are configured for 3600psi discharge pressure.
    Compressor A was rebuilt at 3786 hours and currently has 4710 hours. Compressor B was rebuilt at 3921 hours and currently has 4637 hours.

    The compressor discharge has two J4 filters in place.

    Compressors are controlled by a Murphy Control panel where all controls are centrally located.

    There is one priority-fill panel and two sequence panels so the station will support two separate fill hoses (i.e. a single two-hose dispenser or two single-hose dispensers). The priority and sequence panels are all pneumatically driven.

    The storage consists of one sphere and three tubes. The sphere is approximately 3' diameter and is the low bank.
    The three tubes are approximately 16" diameter and 84" long. Two tubes are mid bank. One tube is high bank.

    The two-hose dispenser has micro-motion flow sensors and Kraus display heads (one each per fill hose). This dispenser is designed to be run with the pneumatic sequencing panels. A Tech-21 card reader comes with the dispenser (separate pedestal mount). The card reader can be configured to read cards, authorize the dispenser to dispense fuel, and record the fuel dispensed to the card. I don't have the software for the card reader.

    I'm looking for $125K for the system. Price does not include transportation or lifting services. Sold as-is, where-is, but must be picked up within 30 days of sale.

    Hook-up of the system is very compact. Basically, you need a gas supply line that will support 5-7psi with a flow rate of 3600 scfh. Electrical supply of 3-phase, 60Hz, at either 230VAC or 460/480VAC. The box is designed for a single electrical connection point into a breaker switch. Everything else is already wired up. There is an additional electrical input for compressor oil heaters for cold weather if you want.

    Run two lines from the sequence panel outlets to the dispenser, and everything is done.

    Although everything in the system was built and is older, the companies that supplied the equipment are still around. ANGI is still packaging equipment but today they use Arial compressors instead of Ingersol-Rand. Ingersol-Rand compressors are still produced and today they are sold through PCMcKinsey meaning that parts are readily available.

    Call with any questions – 720-941-2791

    I have pictures - the ones I posted here apparently were pirated by someone and had a virus. Call me and I can send the pictures separately.
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    Re: Complete CNG station available - time fill or fast fill...

    Wes, please give me a call about this fuel station as your time permits. I did leave a voice mail also.
    928 231 2521