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  • Filling Station info needed

    I have the equipment for setting up 10 CNG stations in the US. I need some info on sales volume acording to the area. Does anyone have any info to provide. Appreciated.

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    Re: Filling Station info needed

    More information would be helpful, things like thruput of station design , fast fill public or or time fill private fleet, electric or N. G. driver.


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      Re: Filling Station info needed

      Are you looking in your state or anywhere?
      Lots of things to consider: pressure of suppy to match compressor inlet, local zoning restrictions, traffic patterns, and is emerging market vs established like cal, utah, and ok have lots of stations, where az,nm texas and others need more.
      Bring some to texas need some between el paso and San Antonio I-10 corridor, or pan handle area also needed.


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        Re: Filling Station info needed

        Looking to the general public is likely somewhat of a mistake. you need areas where you can secure commitments from fleet users. That will give you the consistant volume of sales needed to be profitable and sales to the public is treated as an additional profit center. When there is a station in the area the public will come aboard but fleet contracts will provide the stability to get the project off the ground.


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          Re: Filling Station info needed

          I agree with Amfuel.
          In our CNG station, about 75% sales are from commercial transport vehicles. These vehicles are into contract with us, and purchase all their gas from us, against a specified discount in gas price.
          The effect of decrease in profitiability due to discounted price is nullified by larger volume sales.

          Omar S Chaudhry
          Managing Partner
          GASOLINA CNG Station
          Lahore, Pakistan
          Cell : +92-321-4001299
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            Re: Filling Station info needed

            Thanks for all your replies. Basically, what I have is the Know How and the representation of one of the largest CNG Compressor manufacturers. Our short term plan is to establish 10 filling stations within our first year. We have NG and electrically driven equipment. We have a big range of equipment. We can accomodate a small fast filling compressor with 2 filling hoses all in one piece starting from about U$ 149000. With this equipment, you can fill two 5gge cars in about 4 minutes.
            What we are looking for is people that already own gas stations and would like to add cng to their retail. We install the equipment in this station and then share the profits.
            It is interesting to know that commercial transport is the way to go right now. In argentina, we started just like you, first no cars and many stations, then too many cars and not enough stations. I strongly believe that this is growing by the day over there.
            I hope you understand what I am trying to explain. I´ll be in NYC and Miami next month and would like to meet with whoever may be interested.