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question about 3600 and 3000 fillers

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  • question about 3600 and 3000 fillers

    I need to know will a fuel filler for 3000 fit and fill a 3600 car ? and if so what should I expect to pay for one so I can fill folks cars and trucks when they come through I know this sounds stupid but I use a hydraulic conecter for my trucks so I dont have a clue I do have a 3600 conecter made in to a adapter and have not had any problem traveling just dont know if this is works at all times and places for all cars

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    Re: question about 3600 and 3000 fillers

    A 3600 PSI vehicle connector can be filled with either a 3000 or 3600 PSI nozzle. A 3000 PSI vehicle connector can only be filled with a 3000 PSI nozzle. The 3000 PSI connector has a ring near the base that is about 1 mm too large for the P36 nozzle to seat on to prevent the overfilling of a 3000 psi vehicle system with a 3600 PSI fill system. Most newer nozzles are color coded, yellow for 3600 PSI and blue for 3000 PSI. My older FM4 nozzle is black which means it fills slowly and never quite gets to 3000 PSI !