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Micro - Commercial fueling system

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  • Micro - Commercial fueling system

    I went to a web site and saw they have a CNG fueling option I'd not previously heard of.

    I was going to post the web address but was prohibited from doing so.

    I googled it and came up empty(except for 2 listings from the original site).
    The site described it this way:
    Name?: Cirrus C6
    Model?: Phyllus
    Speed: 12X faster than Phill
    1.5 hour fill
    Referred to as "micro commercial"

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    Yes it is referred to as micro commercial by its dealer. Unfortunately it is not certified to be leagally operated in the US and your fire marshal will red tag it. Good luck with that $50,000 investment.
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      National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 52, 2006 Edition, Section 10.1.2 requires that the capacity of a residential fueling facility (RFF) not exceed 5 scfm of natural gas. The phil has a nominal gas flow rate of approximately 0.67 scfm. A flow rate 12 times that of a phil would be 8.04 scfm. That's 60% greater than the maximum allowed by NFPA 52. So don't count on getting a residential permit for the Cirrus C6 Phyllus. And is this even certified by the American Gas Association (AGA) ? How about Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ?
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        Re: Micro - Commercial fueling system

        It is certified by CE and ATAR. Both are European certifications. There is no CSAus or CSAinternational. (CSA and UL work together and are pretty much synomonous) No AGA certification.

        The Cirrus C6 and C9 are commercial compressors. They are not intended for residential use.
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          Re: Micro - Commercial fueling system

          MICRO-DESIGN, INC. in Dallas TX (not to be confused with the other "micro commercial" references in this thread -- completely different) is a company that makes tank level gages for gaseous fuels. But they have been supplying CNG fast fill dispensers (has the filling hose and metering unit) and compressors (some models self contained on a skid) for some years now. PG&E in California has purchased backup units from them. I visited them and learned that the model 767CNG compressor (requires 220 single phase plus natural gas supply line); dispenser, and single spherical tank (from an Oklahoma vendor) would cost $120,000 and allow setting up a station for these missing gaps in interstate routes. Land, permits, and staffing would add additional cost depending on the site.