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Kavlico releases LNG & CNG alternative fuel pressure sensors

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  • Kavlico releases LNG & CNG alternative fuel pressure sensors

    This company is in 14401 Princeton Avenue Moorpark, CA 93021

    Would be useful for vehicles or use in Fuelmaker repairs.

    Kavlico, a global business unit of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) has recently released a line of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pressure sensors to support vehicles and industrial equipment utilizing alternative fuels - a growing market around the world.

    Alternative fuels are no longer a novelty but a bona fide alternative to gasoline and diesel fuels. These fuel options are being adopted by municipalities and other governmental agencies as an option for fleet vehicles such as cars, buses, truck, and other service vehicles such as fork lifts.

    Typical applications would include monitoring and measuring low pressure for fuel rail, high pressure for tank pressure, or combined pressure and temperature. The sensors are utilized to optimize fuel metering and control combustion, improving emissions and engine performance. The OEM will design in a Kavlico fuel rail sensor to measure the absolute pressure of the fuel at the inlet of the injectors.

    Kavlico's robustly designed stainless steel LNG & CNG sensors utilize a thin film (TiON) sense element and are available in pressure ranges up to 250 BarG. Operating on 5 Vdc, the sensors provide a linear amplified analog output of 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc proportional to pressure. Operating temperature range is -40ºC to +140ºC across the full operating range. The lightweight sensor can be configured with a variety of electrical and process connections to meet each OEM's application specific requirement.

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    Re: Kavlico releases LNG & CNG alternative fuel pressure sensors

    LNG supplies CNG fueling station in Fremont, CA PG&E

    A LNG to CNG fueling facility across the street from 42011 Boscell Road in Fremont, CA‎ was built by Pacific Gas & Electric. The LNG chiller/compressor/tank are enclosed within a single intermodal container (out of view.) But, in plain view from the street, is the fill-pro (or equivalent) compressor and three 1m diameter storage tanks for their improvised CNG fueling station -- complete with the standard dispensing pump and card reader used at other PG&E stations. (No, the public is not permitted to fuel here, but there are many nearby stations available.)

    The purpose of the CNG apparatus is to put the vented byproduct from the LNG tank to use. Any gas stored as a liquid at low temperature is always receiving heat from somewhere (absent any perfectly insulated tanks) and, as a result, changes gradually into vapor causing a tremendous pressure buildup. So, the pressure is relieved by venting off the gas. In this case, it becomes the gas source for the CNG compressor.

    In a discussion with a PG&E yard worker in San Carlos some weeks later, I learned that PG&E uses LNG to supply distribution pipes in areas isolated by maintenance work.

    As a side note, the Bay Area used to have a number of gigantic above ground storage tanks with floating roofs to handle morning and evening periods of high flow in the network. These tanks were as large as those found at oil refineries -- one was used for visual flight paths into the light plane field at Oakland Airport. Back in the 1980's, the distribution piping throughout the region was upgraded to deliver natural gas to homes and businesses at about 100 psi instead of about 15 psi. This involved installing step-down pressure meters at every residence and business. It turns out that the same amount of fuel once stored in the above ground tanks is now within all the distribution pipelines because they are at a higher pressure. The utility also has a large underground, natural storage cavern in the San Joaquin River delta not far from the area.

    The podcast at [url][/url for the last 10 minutes of the midnight to 1am hour for Sunday (morning) 29 Aug 2010 had my call in to radio host Dr. Bill Wattenburg asking why LNG tanks are always leaking fuel. The podcast will only be available until Saturday 4 Sep 2010. Bill Stallman


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      Re: Kavlico releases LNG & CNG alternative fuel pressure sensors

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