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emergency CNG fill available by zip

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  • emergency CNG fill available by zip

    not sure where to post and start this thread.
    is asking for an emergency fill location by someone having a personal stations (PHILL or other). I am not in Ontario, but in SoCal and 20miles from any public station and willing to give a little help to any CNGChat member who happen to plan a trip and is worried about getting stranded. In hope more of the members follow suit and post their ZIP.
    So if someone plans a trip, they could PM the individual 'station' owner and arrange for a fill - while having a chat, lunch, dinner etc...
    my zip is 92629, just add yours if you have a private fueling station and want to help CNGChat members, too.
    here is the collection of ZIP from messages below (this list grows as time goes by):

    ZIP: Member: Link to send a PM : send e-mail

    53093: holtek: :
    85207: CNGfamily: :
    92629: OhMyGas: :
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    Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

    Sounds like a great idea.
    Once I get the engine work done on my Dodge Van, I'll post a listing. I have gone as far as 60 miles from Tucson to help someone out.
    If we can get enough listings, I'll set something up in the regional station forums area.
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      Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

      Doggone it, why could'nt some body have a west texas zip. Not only would I make lunch, I would do the dishes. I also do windows. This is truly a great idea.


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        Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

        I like the idea. I'm not sure that my FMQ2-36 would be much help in the trek from TX. I'm in 85207 and only 20 ish miles East of the Phoenix airport CE stations; on the other hand, if you're trying to make the shortcut from Lordsburg NM to the East Valley, it is a bit shorter taking US 70 and avoiding Tucson...
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          Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

          Hi all ...

          This is a great idea and one that John mentioned to me a few months ago to put on the site. It's on my to-do list and I can get information off of what you put here when I do get the feature up.

          With a new baby due literally any day now, though, I wouldn't expect this feature in the next month or two if I were you. =)

          If you have input on how the feature is designed, that would be great. Obviously putting phone numbers or addresses on the web site introduces privacy issues, but just e-mail addresses might be a bit too slow for someone in need. So what do you think?

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            Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

            Todd, the way I can see this working might be to work with some sort of 'pager' type system, where the person in need can send a request through to the provider with THEIR contact information. then relays the message to the provider, and the provider can then contact the person in need. Protects privacy, while still allowing some sort of quicker turnaround...
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              Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

              How often is it going to be last minute?
              If, as a part of your trip planning ahead of time, you get contact info from people along the way you won't need fast response.
              Or, we could keep the contact info in a admin/moderator area not in public view and distribute the info as needed to chat members with history, or serve as go betweens in an emergency.

              Just a thought.
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                Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

                Would like to see it on, too. Suggest to do it similar as on having check boxes on the side and the 'flag' could have a special symbol indicating its private.
                As for location - I personally only would post my ZIP and the contact I'd prefer through an intermediary like CNGChat's PM, or some registry with cngprices. And also only registered member can send to private station owners. So when I get the request I get it from an known member (either from CNGChat or cngprices).

                BUT, let's first see how many of this forum's members are willing to share, and how many locations there are.
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                  Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

                  Idont care to help anyone out but I do have high btu gas and will have to get a fitting to make a adapter as I use a hydralic conector on my trucks I should have my storage back up in a week or to as I just moved have been slow filling strait off the compresser till I get the tanks moved but can still fill at about 4to 5 gge per hr can the new cars use the high btu gas ? I dont care for zip and phone to be public but would perfer to give out address on case by case baseis just my thoughts


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                    Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

                    My zip is 53093 in Sheboygan County, WI. Have 3600 PSI Phill and adapter for 3000PSI NGV1 receptacle.


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                      Re: emergency CNG fill available by zip

                      Holtek, I don't think I would advertise that information; it is not only against NFPA 52, but also can be a bit risky

                      Please be careful and think about not using the adpter