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Well gas used for cng question

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  • Well gas used for cng question

    We have access to some nice gas wells (farms) in my area, but A couple of questions for anyone who is using a well to power cng vehicle.
    What type of dryer do you reccommend? What dewpoint are you getting to before compressing?
    Do you need any filtering or equipment to remove mercury?
    Any other special equipment to process well gas before compressing?
    Any problems with the extra ethane or butane in the gas?

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    Re: Well gas used for cng question

    I had a gas well done on my farm 2 yrs ago and converted a chevy truck so I could use my own gas.Trying to find info on the web is not difficult but finding accurate info could be.Anyway,with well gas a dryer is a must
    (single tower type),there are manufacturers you can purchase from, or have one fabricated(some designs on the web)like I had done($300).The dryer requires desiccant, buy the good stuff for the best drying capability.Van Air Systems has some info on their site about moisture content and also supplies dryers and desiccants.With mercury levels and other gases, everyones gas is different,here in southern Ontario(Canada)from my experience and from others that have been using well gas for years your problems will be moisture related so the dryer the gas the better.After 35000 miles on well gas( and with another two vehicles also running on it) besides the odd moisture problem everything is good.


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      Re: Well gas used for cng question

      Are you using a Van Air dryer? Any other filtering? Do you change out the desicant or does the system regenerate?


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        Re: Well gas used for cng question


        Moisture is indeed the issue. Here is a spec. sheet from one VRA manufacturer that may of use.

        Good luck with finding a lab that can give you these details, but it would be well worth the effort. Check with you local gas utility to see if they can help.

        Best regards,

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          Re: Well gas used for cng question

          Hello KY cng supporter,

          I met cng user while on cng cross country trek (NY to OK) and he had his own ng well. Helping him research, we discovered a guy in PA who documented his ng well being put in and all the other steps he went through to add dryer so he could compress ng with Fuelmaker. His dryer was built with common materials like pvc pipe and quite affordable. Nice website describing what he did at:


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            Re: Well gas used for cng question

            great website. Thanks.