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    Re: Free Gas

    Just another thought:
    could one convert a high-pressure washer to compact the natural gas instead of water? I gues one has to improve cooling of the unit and maybe seperate the motor from the compressor, and make sure all seals are tight.
    It would be a cheep alternative.


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      Re: Free Gas

      Only thing I've heard of as substitute cng compressor is super-duty air compressor that has 2,200 to 3,000 psi capability - - like super high-end scuba tanks. Army formerly had some of these as I've seen an American Bristol SIAC model that one particular guy on Craigslist said he used to fill his Contour with cng. Original price Army paid was in $20,000 to $25,000 range and longevity of these were long since they were very well built ; however, research I did with compressor repair vendor said these are OBSOLETE and took 12 weeks leadtime to get parts from UK. Guy said original owner bought at Army surplus auction, but you would have to know what you're doing . . ie safety first!! Stay with something you can be assured is safe, reliable, and can get rebuilt. Thus, I'd say stick with Fuelmaker!!

      I've also read somewhere that Army is actually using some cng in some vehicles so they likely have an alternate vendor to Fuelmaker that makes mobile VRA ; in say 5 years those specifically engineered products for cng compression might be available for public sale.

      USA just needs competition to Fuelmaker from other countries like GasFill in England or Gas At Home from Netherlands. Only then will street price of Fuelmakers (both Phill and fmq2-36) drop to reasonable levels in USA. But then again, it's only money!
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        Re: Free Gas

        I would like it known that the ideas, ill advised as some may be, are not those of Anyone that wishes to experiment with conversions of equipment for purposes other than it's originally intended purpose is on your own. If you blow your butt up trying something you read here, consider yourself warned that the stakeholders of this site told you it was a bad idea right up front, and you didn't listen.

        It's one thing to make a red-neck jacuzzi in the back of a pickup truck with a waterbed matress and a Kirby vaccuum. It's another to try and make a piece of equipment, like a Phill, with a high pressure washer and a garden hose. Dont do it... in fact, step away from your screwdriver and keep your hands in plain sight for the duration of this blog... And cngacrossusa... don't encourage him!


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          Re: Free Gas


          Got the point !! That's why I referred to Safety issue. I wouldn't touch such a thing either, as it's not worth it. If modified post above ought to be deleted, let me know, as I surely will delete it.

          Fuelmaker for now, and maybe later GasFill from England or Gas At Home from Netherlands, as competition later.
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            Re: Free Gas

            Since were talking about Free Gass I was wondering if there would be anyone to offer me some advice with regards to the gas well on our farm. It provides 50 psi and is regulated at the house for normal use of appliances.
            In the summer the well remains constant @50 psi because of minimal useage,
            but in the winter the well can be depleted in a few days. Thats when I get
            the fireplace going! The gas well will then need a few days to replenish.
            I have 3-1000 and 1- 500 gallon propane tank in the field for storage and I was thinking of getting a couple more untill I came upon this site.
            1) Would it be possible/feasable to install some sort of in-line compressor to increase the pressure of the tanks to address the volume issue? It is considered a "dry well" and Ive only pumped it once 10 years ago. I have never had a problem in the 12 years Ive lived here.
            2) Can anyone possibly estimate the amount of volume in these 4 tanks? @ 50 psi I can run the well dry with my pool heater that draws 300,000 BTS's in about 10 hours.
            Cng Todd