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Mercaptan (Mehanethiol) Removed?

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  • Mercaptan (Mehanethiol) Removed?

    Here is a newbie question. Home and commercial CNG fuelers have driers to remove moisture from the gas before compressing it, do they remove the odor agent (mercaptan) as well or is this passed on into the tank and burned with the CNG? I don't detect the smell when refueling and wondered if it was still there or just good seals on the refueling equipment.
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    Re: Mercaptan (Mehanethiol) Removed?

    I smell it on occasion when I refuel.
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      Re: Mercaptan (Mehanethiol) Removed?

      I smell it when I disconnect the dispenser nozzle, there is a vent tube on top of the pump.
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        Re: Mercaptan (Mehanethiol) Removed?

        No, it isn't removed. You will smell it if any significant amount leaks. Or if you stick your nose in the nozzle after removing it.
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          Re: Mercaptan (Mehanethiol) Removed?

          There is suppose to be enough mercaptian in the fuel to be able to smell it (with a normal nose) at 20% of the lower explosive limit (LEL). With CNG that would be about 1% ng in a room with 99% air.

          When you get to 5% ng in a room with other 95% air, and an appropriate source of ignition it will go boom.