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  • Relief Valve?

    I just purchased a used Type 1 tank (steel, 3,000 PSI) to use as cheap storage while I work out the bugs on my conversion to CNG. I am not sure if the GFI shut off valve includes a high pressure relief? It has a NGV1 fill valve, the outlet port and one smaller threaded port without anything in it. Is the high pressure relief an obvious thing I should be able to identify? If it is missing, is there a good low cost source for these? Thanks!

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    Re: Relief Valve?

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    Typically on a GFI valve, the pressure relief device (PRD) is located on the opposite side of the manual shut off valve (usually pointing downward). The outlet port to the NGV1 fill valve usually comes off the side. However, this is for a type I tank that is 3,000 psi. It might be different. See link below to Teleflex GFI for pictures of valves and PRDs.

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      Re: Relief Valve?


      Thanks for the information! I went to the web sight and it answered my questions. Looks like I am missing the relief valve. Probably better that I get a new one anyway. I appriciate the help.