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    they are made in Italy, Brescia, same region the Coltris are made

    they have options for lower gas pressures as well, if you cant get 4 psi

    spoke with Jim 1-580-542-1054, one of the co-owners very nice guy they have many of these compressors running across the country and told me that he has many customers running these 14 hours a day and they have not had any issues.

    comes with 2 year warranty
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      Olmeva has been around for a while. They used to buy compressor bodies from Coltri years ago but then started making some of their own. They did OK for a few years in the US when they had a good distributor in FL. However, they were VERY difficult to work with and when the US importer passed away, parts became impossible to get so nobody caries them anymore. How they are in Europe ... I have no idea.
      Ray Contreras


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        Jim told me they are a parts stocking dealer and are readily available.


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          Aerosub has been around for quite a while. They used to buy stuff from Coltri, repackage it with their filter system and sell it as a new compressor on the market. They then changed the configuration a little of the compressor and actually DID become a compressor manufacturer. Like Coltri, I would bet that they haven't jumped through all the hoops that the US wants for certification in the CNG marketplace. Since this is such a litigious country, I think they are just hedging their bet a bit since it wasn't a continuous duty machine a few years back and most likely isn't now.
          Ray Contreras


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            I can fully understand where Nuvair get their pricing from with their Coltri offerings. On small numbers, to avoid your courts when the inevitable comes, you've got to load each sale with a hefty insurance premium. I think I said before, I looked into this for my own products. Nuvair could easily be paying USD1500 a pop, for insurance alone to sell in the US. Nuvair are brave. Add your particular compliance requirements and associated costs, you can see why most leave your market well alone. This outfit will have the same issue.

            You've got to two sisters that are world class tennis palyers sweeping everything before them. This very week they play Wimbledon. Somebody upset them, and as Yanks, their immediate response mid-match was to threaten to sue. It's in our news headlines. Now, where you are, that's what you say. And no doubt it means something. Here, the reaction from us Brits was to quietly smile.

            We'll stop her pocket-money
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              Brit, that simply isn't true, the compressor that coltri sells from the factory in italy and the ones that have been sold here is not any different (I have seen both first hand) and there is no insurance policy associated with any individual compressor here...

              There is however a "American School of Business model" that implies if you don't sell a product for double it's paid value your a failure....and that is the only reason these are being sold for 13,000 plus usd.

              Coltri (4000) > Nuvair (8000) > Distributor/retail (13000)'s a joke, and Nuvair laughs it's way to the bank