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Several Cng Compressor Stations, Fuel Storage and dispensers located in Colorado.

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  • Several Cng Compressor Stations, Fuel Storage and dispensers located in Colorado.

    Here is a list of my inventory:
    I have 2 complete compressor stations housed in a nice enclosure,
    The station's consists of a self-contained box that houses two IR compressors.
    For the compressor/storage:
    The box was originally manufactured by ANGI.
    There are two Ingersol-Rand compressors model number H20NG. These compressors are electrically driven. The electric motors are rated for 230V/54A or 460V/27A. The compressors are rated at 28scfm each with a supply pressure of 5psi. Realistically, consider each compressor as having the capacity of 13gge per hour for a total of 26 gallons recovery per hour. The compressors can be configured for 4500psi discharge pressure.
    The compressor discharge has J4 filters in place to control oil carry over.
    Compressors are controlled by a Murphy Control panel where all controls are centrally located.
    There is one priority-fill panel and two sequence panels so the station will support two separate fill hoses (i.e. a single two-hose dispenser or two single-hose dispensers). The priority and sequence panels are all pneumatically driven.
    I have several options for storage, I have four 4' sphere's, four A.S.M.E. tubes and about 100 D.O.T. bottles.
    The A.S.M.E tubes are approximately 16" diameter and 84" long. I have a couple of dispensers, a single hose and a dual hose. I can build any type of slow fill post's you want.
    Hook-up of the system is very compact. Basically, you need a gas supply line that will support 5-7psi with a flow rate of 3600 scfh. Electrical supply of 3-phase, 60Hz, at either 230VAC or 460/480VAC. The box is designed for a single electrical connection point into a breaker switch. Everything else is already wired up. There is an additional electrical input for compressor oil heaters for cold weather if you want.
    Run two lines from the sequence panel outlets to the dispenser, and everything is done. Price depends on storage and dispenser options.

    I have a third IR Compressor housed in an enclosure just like the above compressors but this unit is a 20ng40
    that puts out 58cfm or 27 gallon per hour with a 40 hp with the same ease of installation as the above compressors. Price depending on storage options

    Last I have a real nice IR H20NG skid mounted package that is all on one compact skid with 20 D.O.T bottles and a fill post with hose all contained on the skid. This is a nice modern built skid by Natural Fuels and has Allen Bradley controls. Just set the skid, install 240v 3 phase or 480v phase power and 5-7 psi and start pumping gas.

    All of my equipment will be refurbished, repainted and test run before it leaves my shop. I have been in the Cng business for more then 20 years and have built and installed more then 100 fuel stations. Please E-mail or call with any questions. I also have vehicle conversion kits and parts. Kris 303-916-1543 [email protected]

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    Re: Several Cng Compressor Stations, Fuel Storage and dispensers located in Colorado.

    if you price some of your stuff it will let people know if both partys are at the same ball game


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      Re: Several Cng Compressor Stations, Fuel Storage and dispensers located in Colorado.

      Bunch of information that potential buyers will need includes:
      a) Age of items (manufacture date, cumulative hours ran, etc)
      b) How many hours since last rebuild
      c) Details like specific model numbers, flow rates, horsepower, etc.
      d) When removed from service (ie how long sitting)
      e) Hydrostatic testing Date of DOT cng storage bottles
      f) And of course, pictures and more pictures - - - any web address to observe?