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Ford F250 CNG Range problem

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  • Ford F250 CNG Range problem

    Having a problem with My 2012 F250 6.0 L unit typically gets 250 to 270 miles from a tank of CNG .Just recently started having issues after about 100 miles Full Led and 3/4 LED will go out normally but within a few minutes 1/2 and 1/4 leds follow and unit fails to Gasoline . If I take unit for a fill initially starting pressure is about 2000 psi and unit only takes approx 1/2 normal Volume to
    reach 3600 PSI. After which all 4 LEDs are on normally until the 100 mile mark . My only theroy is unit may need Hi pressure CNG filter replaced . But any other thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated ! Unit seems to run normally on both CNG and Gasoline and No MILs are present .

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    So to confirm the truck thinks it is out of CNG at around 2000 psi (and you know this because the dispenser is showing this pressure when the fill begins)? If so, the problem is likely with the pressure transducer not sending the correct voltage at the low range.


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      Thanks for the reply I think I located this connection it is under the hood .It looks to be an integral part of the entire regulator Assy .I see where the Hi Press Line comes in and I see the electrical connector Directly over it. Are you familar with the Impco Regulator can this Transducer be replaced or does the entire regulator need to be swapped ? At first glance that looks to be the case .

      Thanks again


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        Did you fix your problem