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Greenkraft’s CNG System Gets CARB OK

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  • Greenkraft’s CNG System Gets CARB OK

    CARB has certified Greenkraft’s dedicated CNG fuel systems on the General Motors 6.0-liter, 8-cylinder engine for vehicles in the 14,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating (GVRW) category. Greenkraft also manufactures a full line of cab-forward CNG trucks ranging from 14,000 to 33,000 pounds GVRW.

    The company hopes to have 25 products certified by mid-2012, covering the 4.8- and 6.0-liter GM van series, the 6.0-liter GM truck, the Ford E and F series, and the Ford Transit Connect.

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    Re: Greenkraft’s CNG System Gets CARB OK

    SANTA ANA, CA -- GreenKraft Inc announces it can provide a CNG system for all fleet operators that have 50 or more vehicles in their fleet. Currently in the market CNG systems are offered on certain vehicles, as CNG systems do require EPA/CARB certification that is costly. Greenkraft is currently offering a system to all fleets that have 50 or more of the same vehicle by providing a customized solution and obtaining certification at no additional cost for the fleets. This system would allow fleet operators to take advantage of the low CNG fuel prices in the United Sates which is almost half the cost of gasoline or diesel and will allow the fleet to lower their petroleum footprint and be green.

    GreenKraft, Inc has a partnership with Santa Ana based California Environmental Engineering (CEE) that conducts emission testing and certification on Greenkraft’s products. Greenkraft also offers a forward cab truck with 6.0L engine that is certified with EPA and CARB. Furthermore, Greenkraft offers the ability to re-power a fleet by replacing a diesel engine with a clean burning CNG engine.

    For additional information please call Frank Ziegler at (714) 545-7777 ext 15

    Frank Ziegler
    GreenKraft, Inc.
    Dir of Sales and Marketing
    Bus and Truck Division
    P: 714-545-7777 ext 15
    C: 805-432-3223
    EM: [email protected]

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