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Re-certifiable CNG Tank for sale !!

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  • Re-certifiable CNG Tank for sale !!

    I saw this listing on ebay (it's not mine). The seller is claiming that "Unlike most of the CNG tanks for sale, these are recertifiable by the company" Seems kind of strange that he didn't post the procedure for re-certifying the tank but he will make it available to the winner of the auction. Re-certifiable tanks is the Holy Grail that all the owners of CNG vehicles are looking for. Any tank experts care to chime in on this? The owners of all those mid-90s Dodge trucks, vans and Caravans would like to know...
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    Re: Re-certifiable CNG Tank for sale !!

    The company which produced that tank (PSI) is out of business, so there is no way to go back to them for supposed re-certification. Assuming they pass inspection I'm sure they are fine until expiration. But when they expire they must be taken out of service.


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      Re: Re-certifiable CNG Tank for sale !!



      That's a forklift cylinder/regulator package designed by a company called National Energy (NESC), who I used to work for, who is also out of business! Neither the cylinder or the fuel system is 'recertifiable' as John indicates...maybe certifiable???

      Caveat Emptor!



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        Re: Re-certifiable CNG Tank for sale !!

        Originally posted by afvman View Post
        ...maybe certifiable???

        I emailed the seller. It looks like an honest mistake made by someone who didn't know what he was buying when he picked it up. He said he was told it was re-certifiable when he bought it. It's sad how much mis-information is out there. He also said that he's going to re-list the item at a lower reserve now that he knows it's not possible to re-certify a tank. That, and the fact he hasn't had a single bid yet.


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          Re: Re-certifiable CNG Tank for sale !!

          As far as I can find there is NOT a cost feasible way to recertify any CNG tank. Some CNG tank manufacturers can/could do it - most won't/laugh when you call. Flip side, after 15/20 years of CNG tank service there are WAY better tank technologies available most being in cost reduction and safety increasement! I ( cannot find a tank recertifaction station at all.
          Good luck!

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