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Convert dedicated CNG to dual fuel?

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  • Convert dedicated CNG to dual fuel?

    I would have to get a dual fuel car and the ones I see for sale are all really old.
    What if you could get a conversion kit to let a dedicated CNG car like the Honda run on gasoline or LPG when you were in an area with no filling stations?
    Would that work?
    Edit: Oops. I meant propane. LPG has more butane and isn't sold in the US.
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    Re: Convert dedicated CNG to dual fuel?

    I am also looking into buying a CNG Ford van, and wondering if I could convert it to duel fuel (CNG and Gasoline) because it only has an 80 mile range on a full tank of CNG, and the filling stations are few and far between.


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      Re: Convert dedicated CNG to dual fuel?

      Something is seriously wrong if a dedicated E-350 only gets 80 miles per fillup. What is the year, pressure (3,000 or 3,600) and tank count (1-4 stock tanks, midship, rear twinpack and inside between the wheelwells).
      All my E350s have 19-29 gge at 13-15mpg average.
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        Re: Convert dedicated CNG to dual fuel?

        I think adding a gasoline fuel system to a dedicated CNG vehcle would be cost prohibitive unless a visit to the junk yard is in your path. It sounds like you would be better off starting with the gasoline engine and converting it to CNG. That is a common practice and the parts kits are available.

        I have to agree with cnghal that there is an issue with the system if mileage is that poor. I do know that the UW station was 3000psi.

        Are you looking at the auctions at Mount Horeb? Those vehicles came from the UW Milwaukee. I suspect the vehicles were driven from Milwaukee to Mt Horeb for the auction and that is well over 100 miles. (I didn't do a map quest to verify this) I think the 80 mile range is stated by the auction company and their info came from the UW. I would take that with a big grain of salt.

        I have an associate that bought 3 of the vans and I will check into it this weekend but I don't think he has picked them up yet.


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          Re: Convert dedicated CNG to dual fuel?

          you might be able do cng and propane but not gasoline because of the compression ratio gasoline will fire on compression and it would be silly to lower it as than you might as well start with a gasoline motor