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Secondary Tank for Civic GX

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  • Secondary Tank for Civic GX

    I want to put a second tank in the trunk of my 2001 GX but don't want to spend a couple thousand to do it. I've looked at numerous multiple tank setups on other vehicles when i've stopped for gas. Has anyone that has done this themselves offer any advice?

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    Re: Secondary Tank for Civic GX

    I am the same boat as you are and looked all over the web and it seems to be a closed lip where to purchase a tank myself and do the mounting and hire a certified person to plumb it in. The reason for that is we are dealing with 3600 lbs of flamable gas and special fittings. I will keep hunting and make calls and hope to find somebody to SELL ME A TANK. My car is an 07 honda gx and requires the same tank as yours. So lets pool our resources together and keep in touch.


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      Re: Secondary Tank for Civic GX

      There was a company here in utah developing CNG tanks and I thought I found out about them here. Maybe they could give you some advice.


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        Re: Secondary Tank for Civic GX

        Adding a tank to any vehicle can be done. It is NOT a do it your self job. We will not sell any tank over the counter. If you want to come to Oklahoma we will sell you new tanks installed in a GX. We normally install type 3 or 4 tanks in the trunk. It will take the rest of the trunk space up and I am not sure if your spare will go in after we are done or not. Be careful who you let do this type of work on your car. We have had vehicles come into our shop that scared us to see what had been done. Remember in CNG you get exactly what you paid for.

        Tulsa Gas Technologies