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    Hi guys, I'm new around here but this site looks awesome. I guess I'll introduce myself a little before I begin. My name is Jesse and I love working with cars. I am not a complete stranger to CNG as my mom bought 3 CNG cars a few years back and still has 2 of them. I drive an 88 ford ranger with a 2.3 liter turbocharged motor. It can get decent gas mileage (19 city-25 freeway) but the idea of 63 cents a gallon has me really excited and I love car projects. Plus, the tax credit is also a big incentive because it would make the project 50% cheaper. (I probably don't pay enough state tax to claim it all, but my parents could)
    My idea is to gather components and build a system for my ranger so that it is Bi-Fuel. I dont necessarily need or want a complete kit. I can fabricate parts and have access to a machine shop. I would probably use a tuneable computer system. I guess my first question is can you use standard fuel injectors in a CNG system? The front part of the system is under 200 psi max right? What all is in a CNG system? Mixer or injectors, tank, regulator, shut off valve, filler valve, and lines?
    Anyway, I gotta run. Thanks,

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    Re: Ranger Conversion

    Another question.
    What are the legal implications of doing a do it yourself conversion? Would I have to have a shop do anything, i.e. run fuel lines, check connections?
    p.s. Please chime in if you have any answers.