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Can my 2001 cng van be converted to propane?

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  • Can my 2001 cng van be converted to propane?

    I bought a CNG 2001 ford e250 from a police auction in GA . This is my first paid for vehicle i was very excited until.....
    There is only 1 place to purchase fuel for me here and it is 50 miles from home . Everyone thinks by changing the Ora phis that my e250 can be changed over to propane cheaply ? DOES Anybody know ?
    I have been trying to sell it or trade it for a gas vehicle to get me back and forth to work , as of now i have not even got 1 offer .
    I hope i did not make a huge mistake buying this van.
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    Re: Can my 2001 cng van be converted to propane?

    Convert to propane? Not cheap or easy. Two different animals.
    Too bad Atlanta isn't progressing faster. I pulled a station out of Austell a few years ago and couldn't give the gas in storage away, there was noone to use it.
    Give some info on the van and what your looking for in a sale price or trade.

    Nevermind, I found your ad.
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