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Maintenance Required and Side Airbag lights

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  • Maintenance Required and Side Airbag lights

    Recently had Maintenance Required indicator on my 2001 Honda Civic GX come on while driving following a fast fill refueling. I didn't notice any difference in performance at the time.

    Now the MR light stays on, and sometimes the Side Airbag light comes on as well. When the Side Airbag light is on (it has been intermittent), the GX does seem a little sluggish??

    Anyone had this, and should I start with getting error codes checked or what?

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    Re: Maintenance Required and Side Airbag lights

    I have a 2002 GX. The Maintenance required light is not the same as the check engine light.

    The Maintenance required light simply monitors mileage since the last service (if the counter was reset during the service). At a certain mileage (I forget exactly when), it starts blinking for about 10 seconds after you start the car as a reminder to get service (oil change etc). If you don't pay attention, after awhile, it comes on solid.

    Going from memory, I think you reset it by holding in the odometer trip-reset button while starting the car and then continue to hold the button a few seconds longer until the light blinks.

    The check engine light looks like a little engine. If it is on you would have a trouble code set in the computer.

    Don't know about the side air-bag light. Mine will sometimes come on or blink a bit if I have set some things on the seat. If it thinks a child is on the seat leaning on the door - that is when it is supposed to came on indicating it has been disabled. - Could be a more serious problem you should have checked out though.

    Hope this helps some.