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Utah Hummer CNG Conversion Info NEEDED

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  • Utah Hummer CNG Conversion Info NEEDED

    peace brothers n sisters!!!
    i have (2) 2004 Hummers h2...
    i live in utah...
    i NEED accurate estimates of costs to convert these fossil sucking pigs into CNG sipping butterflys...
    i will pay cash upon completion of the first - and will schedule completion of the second as i see how the practicalities and savings offset the expenditures of the conversion...
    i wish to deal ONLY with a certified Hummer / CNG Install Certified individual and / or shop...
    of course i want a "good deal" as well...

    please, do tell me where to go, who to see, and IF you think i'm wasting my time / money...

    IF you know "the right people", then by all means --- please ring me: (801) 458 7856 or give to them, my number pasted here

    blessings, tidings, greetings, and humble bows...


    may the therm be with you...


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    Re: Utah Hummer CNG Conversion Info NEEDED

    Welcome to CNGchat, Wally!

    I am moving this over to the Conversions forum. Please also review the following notice along with the embedded links.

    I'm afraid you will not find a legal conversion option for your 2004 Hummers. Since you are in Utah it is clear the state government is a taking hard look at non-EPA-certified conversions. Weber/Davis county no longer allows them to be licensed:

    .. and Gov. Huntsman is very concerned too about this too:

    You may wish to consider one of the EPA-certified conversions for the GM 6 liter platform and sell the H2's while gas prices are half what they were during the CNG frenzy here a few months ago. SemiService downtown SLC can help you with this. They are bi-fuel and qualify for a $2,500 state tax credit.
    Come to Semi Service for all your Semi Trailer, Cargo Tank, Pickup Truck, Van, Snow Plow, and Salt Spreader needs! Sales, Parts, Service in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Good luck and stay safe.