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  • van died

    I dont know if this the right area to post this

    i have a 1984 dodge 1 ton passenger van that was converted a long time ago
    to duel cng/gas. Yesterday it died when i was enroute to work. I dont see any lights on the fuel selector switch. I sense that all solenoids are not powered. hence I cannot run on gasoline either. where does one start looking for the cause of this failure? does this mean the whole system is down and I cant do a by-pass just to even to supply gasoline to the engine?

    any tips would be appreciated


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    Re: van died

    Chrysler used three different engines in thw one ton van that year, carbureted and injected.
    Without any information it is hard to help. What eauipment do you have to make tests with & can you read a wiring diagram? Most of these do not have a one fuse fits all. It may be best for you to take it to a shop with the tools and equipment to troubleshoot it.