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Conversion ?ions (1998 Silverado)

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  • Conversion ?ions (1998 Silverado)

    I work in the Oil and Gas industry up in Wyoming (LV in Utah). I purchased a 98 Chev pick-up to drive around the mountains of WY. I am trying to get my company purchase a fleet of CNG trucks & or convert our existing Chev trucks to CNG. I commited to be the first to try it out on my own personal truck first? Ya'll know the make and Model (98 Chev/ 350/ 5.7L Vortec). Has anyone attempted to convert an older model Vortec over to natural gas? If so who?, and how can I get more info on the matter?

    Thanks so much for any responses!


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    Re: Conversion ?ions (1998 Silverado)

    gm sold this truck in cng and bi-fuel, the easiest way to convert is from the wrecking yard or ebay.


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      Re: Conversion ?ions (1998 Silverado)

      One other thing Jake, there are millions of dollars in grants available for private party, and business', that wish to convert their fleets to clean alternatives. I would suggest that you do a little leg work and find out which Air Quality Management District you are in and make a visit to them. They are always looking for projects to spend their funds on. Contact the local county, or city office in your area. They may be able to steer you in the right direction. Do a web search for "alternative fuel grants", you'll be amazed at what's out there. The AQMD can help you with finding the monies you need and even steering you in the right direction.


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        Re: Conversion ?ions (1998 Silverado)

        I would start going down the list, calling these people to see what grant money is available:

        Note that Questar is probably your first call, as they have public stations up in Evanston and Rock Springs (I assume with the same 63 cent / gge pricing). I know that Clean Energy also maintains a station in Cheyenne at only around $1.30 or so -- imagine that!!

        Also, read thru the non-Honda threads here for more contacts:

        Let us know how it goes!
        - John