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Re: Can I convert my SUV's to cng?

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  • Re: Can I convert my SUV's to cng?

    Question. I"m new to this forum. I can't buy a new car.. but would LOVE to convert our older cars to do this. I live in TN (there isn't any CNG here at all that I can find) and when I went to chevy to find out if they did that they looked at me like I was crazy!

    I have a 1996 Chev Suburban 2500 with the big 454 in it. And I have a 2006 suburban 1500 with the smaller engine in it.

    AND last but not least.. my father passed away earlier this year and in california I have his 1990 suburban (350) and his 1991 Dodge Roadtrek van. I would LOVE To convert ALL of these over from gas... but is it feasible?

    As I said I can't afford to buy a new vehicle and the honda isn't nearly big enough for our family. (my boys are both 6'3 and 250lbs...) and my daughter is as tall as I am and she is only 14... so 5 of us in a regular car isn't doable.

    is there any hope for us regular people to do this??
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    Re: Can I convert my SUV's to cng?

    Kath63, welcome to the group. We all live to see the day when every vehicle on the road can easily and inexpensively be switched to CNG. Since your question was conversion specific I have moved it to the conversion forum. You can follow it here: Since we qet this question all the time, we have posted a thread that answers that question in great detail... it saves us a lot of time (and typing). Please read through this thread; and see if it answers your questions. If not, let us know. Enjoy the group and welcome aboard.