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Converting an old car to CNG

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  • Converting an old car to CNG

    Hi all. Another newcomer with the same question. Can I convert my _____ to CNG? Yes, I've already read the other posts. I've looked around but it's painfully evident that there is no converstion kit for my truck. I drive a 1968 International Travelall. It gets about 6-8mpg, but it has an enormous amount of sentimental value to me and it's not going anywhere. So I thought that I'd like to convert it to something more reliable and green. I think the only option I have is to do a full engine and transmission swap (maybe even the axles since it has drum brakes and I'd like a bit more safety as well). The goal is to keep it looking as stock as possible but upgrade all the rest. I thought of picking up a used truck and use those components. My (long winded) question is if any of you guys have any leads/ideas/thoughts/advise/recommendations on engines to use, any general advice, anybody in the Los Angeles area you'd recommend? Thanks in advance.