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vehicle dies on cng during decel

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  • vehicle dies on cng during decel

    This last week I had two technocarb vehicles that would die during decel. I hooked up several meters to locate the problem. In both instances there was a voltage drop from the manufacturer pcm. I took their signal and used it to energize a relay to maintain a more constant voltage and fix the problem. Two questions for the techs
    #1 I have never seen a wiring diagram on the older technocarb systems, but I dont understand why they run so much current through the pcm instead of using the signal to control a relay. It accomplishes the same thing and saves the pcm from the heat and amperage flow. It appears to me to be a design that is destined to fail over time?
    #2 Is there a place that I can find schmatics of systems that I have not personally installed? It is difficult & time consuming to repair problems when you have to draw your own diagram to see exactly what is supposed to happen which will enable you to locate what is not happening and complete the repair.