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    I have a question.
    I am good friends with a dealer principal --- he told me that the brand he sells sent a letter telling them that any vehicle with fuel system tampering will void the warranty. This is inteerpeted to be cng installations.
    I see a problem if the vehicle warranty is five years and the oldest certified cng kit is three years.
    There will be several who will immediatly write telling us that they cannot do that & they have to prove cng caused the problem etc. etc. It is a federal law etc. etc. --BUT-- The fact remains that a customer would have to get a lawyer & fight for years to get it resolved -- who is willing to do that?
    The company that wrote the letter is the same one John Mitton is doing his new car cng conversion on. I believe John said that he had to include a warranty on his conversions. John, maybe you can explain?
    Exactly what do you tell prospective cng people who ask about the warranty besides "the law says they cannot do that".
    Stan M.

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    Re: vehicle warranty

    Hi Stan,

    We will be providing our fleets with a detailed warranty statement which includes an overview of the systems we tamper with and a brief listing of examples for items we do not tamper with. In a nutshell, we cover the entire fueling system and engine, GM covers everything else.

    The authorized installer will also have a detailed installation guide. These two documents together can be used to document the need for GM to perform warranty repair work outside of the scope of what we did to the vehicle. The Magnuson-Morrison Warranty Act requires the OEM to fix whatever was not touched. So if a windshield wiper motor goes out the OEM must take care of it; if a rod is thrown we take care of it.


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      Re: vehicle warranty

      So --- What my dealer told me is correct.
      With any cng conversion done with a certified kit, since the 5/50 warranty would still be in effect and the certified kits only cover three years, the installer takes on the liability of the engine and fuel system as part of the installation.
      I wonder how many installers are aware of that?