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2003 Dodge check engine light

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  • 2003 Dodge check engine light

    2003 Dodge O2 sensor shows .2 to .8 volt on scanner, but 2.7 to 3.2 volt with lab scope. The PCM changes the reading and is inputting about 2.5 volts on the ground wire. The O2 emulator on CNG inputs .1 to .9 volt. The check engine light comes on after driving a few miles and will go out when driving on regular gasoline. Information shows that this Dodge is designed to supply 2.5 volts on the ground wire so a voltage reading 2.5 to 3.5 volts is expected.
    This is not my conversion, it is another low dollar kit that does not communicate properly & turns on the check engine light. I sent this one back to the installer --- who uses low dollar internet kits & has no idea how anything works. You bolt it on and it magically interfaces with the PCM & if it doesnt then take it to one of the shops that has the "stuff" to work on computer systems! He even told the customer that it is normal for the light to come on when a cng kit is installed. His installations do run OK -- not right -- not well, but OK. It seems all the consumer cares about is saving $$$ on fuel & damn the environment, damn the emissions, & damn anyone who charges enough to correctly install a good system.
    Now he is back wanting me to fix someone elses work. Any suggestions for an O2 emulator that interfaces correctly with the Chrysler NGC computer system, or should I send him back to the installer again?