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converting a gasoline cavalier to bi-fuel - need some info

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  • converting a gasoline cavalier to bi-fuel - need some info

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a 2004 cavalier gasoline only vehicle I'm going to convert to be bi-fuel. The reason I'm not buying a stock bi-fuel cavalier is two reasons: I got a great deal on this vehicle and because it's a 5-speed. A primary goal of mine in addition to converting to a North American fuel is economy. The auto cavaliers get lousy mileage in comparison.


    I scored a brand new (NOS), never put in service, cavalier tank and bracket setup. I've installed the bracket and mounted the tank. I have a few questions I'm hoping some installers or knowledgable owners can help out with:

    Question 1:
    There are two rubber hoses coming off the tank top. tube one is a smooth tube with a wide mouth. This particular tube we'll call 'rubber tube A". There is another 'ribbed' rubber tube. We'll call this 'rubber tube B". 'Rubber tube A' has two stainless lines in it. One is currently disconnected. It's a narrow line with a flat mating surface exposed. The other is a larger diameter which was apparently cut off. I was told by the seller this larger cut line was the 'vent'. I'm guessing the other connector, with a smooth mating surface is the supply line to the engine? 'Rubber hose B" has a single larger diameter stainless line in it with a connector. I presume this is the fill connector?

    Question 2:
    Does anyone have an 04 (or equivelant) cavalier they could snap a few pictues of so I can get an idea of where to route these lines?

    Question 3: - most important:
    There are a couple electrical connectors on the top of this tank. I believe at least one with more than two pins. What do these do? Do I need to worry about any of them? I presume all I need to be concerned with (I'm installing the kit commonly installed in Brazil formerly available through ********) is the two wires operating the electronic valve?

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


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    Re: converting a gasoline cavalier to bi-fuel - need some info

    1. You're crazy.

    1.5 I don't think looking at a stock bifuel Cav will help you much.

    2. Good luck. Just please don't blow yourself up.
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      Re: converting a gasoline cavalier to bi-fuel - need some info

      Wouldn't it just be easier to buy a factory dual-fuel Cavalier, pull out the automatic, and put in a manual transmission?

      I would really love a manual Civic GX.

      Good luck either way.