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Any people who can fix my NGV?

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  • Any people who can fix my NGV?

    My wife and I drove up to the Monterey Bay, California for the month of July, and on our way up, got a "service engine soon" light on my 99 Ford F-250
    bifuel. It idles really roughly in CNG mode, and seems to be okay in
    gasoline mode.

    That's what some regular mechanic charged me $150 to tell me, after we
    debated for a while whether CNG and propane were the same thing.
    ::sigh:: He got a code P1640 from the error causing the light, and
    recommends taking it to a CNG mechanic.

    However, while I know several in Arizona, I don't know any in
    California. We should get it taken care of in the next week or two,
    before we drive it back. I've left messages with some conversion
    shops, including Baytech (based in Los Altos, very close by), none of
    whom return my calls.

    Any way to find qualified CNG mechanics in South
    Bay/Peninsula/Monterey Bay areas... who will do the work?


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    Re: Any people who can fix my NGV?

    The closest one that I know that may be able to help is A-1 Auto in Fresno. They do a lot of conversions and a good bunch are Fords. Give them a call at
    (559) 485-4427. Ask for Mark.
    Hope this is helpful.
    Dave Myers
    Sales Manager - Alternative Fuel Products
    Luxfer Gas Cylinders
    3016 Kansas Ave.
    Riverside, CA 92507
    Phone: 951-341-2289
    Fax: 951-781-6598
    Cell: 714-747-6662
    [email protected]