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CNG Kits in Okla?

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  • CNG Kits in Okla?

    Can anyone lead me in the right direction to get a kit for a 2000 S10?


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    Re: CNG Kits in Okla?

    I have a 2000 S10 too and have been looking for a conversion. Nothing out there for small trucks that I can find. A company in Canada made them for a short time for the Canyon and Colorado trucks, but dropped the line for lack of interest I guess. There is a guy on ebay selling a manual on how to convert any light truck based on his conversion of a Tundra. He has 100% feedback from a number of people that have bought the manual, so it must not be junk. I have one ordered, so for $14 I will see soon and report.
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      Re: CNG Kits in Okla?

      Contact Tom Sewell at Tulsa gas Technologies, they sell epa approved connversion kits however I am unsure if they made one for your setup or not. You can google the company name or he is a member here going by TOMTGT, good luck.