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    I have been searching for this and can't find any information. The master thread shows that BAF makes a dedicated CNG system for a 2008 F-150 but doesn't show any other years. Does this mean you can't convert a 2004-2007with an EPA kit? If you can it still would qualify for the federal incentive right? If there is aa larger list or I am just not seeing something please let me know.

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    Re: Ford Conversions

    It depends on who's conversion kit is licensed to BAF and wheither they paid to keep up the previous years certifications.
    Once you certify a kit, the certification has to be renewed, unless there is enough demand, the kit manufacturer will let it lapse.
    Unless you find a Ford dealer thats signed up for BAF's program, BAF only sells to fleets and you better have deep pockets.
    You can't just drive into BAF and order a conversion.
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    Dave Clement


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      Re: Ford Conversions

      I am trying to keep up with everything here being new and all but man there is a lot of stuff to figure out that you need to know.