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Another interesting note from the EPA.....

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  • Another interesting note from the EPA.....

    Conversion Requirements

    Beginning with MY (model year) 2005 light-duty vehicles (MY 2007 for heavy-duty vehicles between 8,500 lb. and 14,000 lb. gross vehicle weight rating), all conversions must be onboard diagnostic system (OBD II) compliant when operating on the alternative fuels. No false OBD codes or false malfunction indicator light (MIL) illumination should occur. For dual-fuel vehicles, the OBD II system must not be affected by the conversion when operating the vehicle on gasoline. Testing for compliance should be conducted by inducing failures to the emission system.

    Deterioration factors (DFs) were updated on May 26, 2005, and alternative fuel converters must use these DFs for emissions measurements on vehicles using alternative fuels. These apply to dedicated AFVs and dual-fuel vehicles when operating on alternative fuels. For dual-fuel vehicles, the use of OEM DFs when operating on the fuel used by OEMs at the time the vehicle was originally certified is contingent on the alternative fuel converter not modifying the components or the location of the OEM emission control system. It is also contingent on the alternative fuel converter not modifying fuel control system or increasing the weight of the vehicle by more than 500 lb. Aftermarket converters must state that they have not altered the OEM's emission control system and include it in their certification applications.

    This is talking about new car conversions but it does explain more fully about MIL lights, OBDII requirements and DFs.....jy

    Jim Younkin