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Who pays the cost of saving money?

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  • Who pays the cost of saving money?

    I have a customer that I agreed to install a kit for. We agreed on "Technocarb" --- he wanted to order his own kit to save money & I am busy so I agreed.
    Well his kit came today, it is one of the ***** kits --- he just could not pay the extra cost and never told me until he delivered the truck and kit.
    In comparing the wiring harness connector to the schematic, six wires in the harness are the wrong colors from the factory.
    I need help from those who save the big bucks by buying these kits!
    Instructions say "connect the yellow and black wires in pins 10 and 11" the wires are tan and green -- it says "connect the tan and green wires in pins 4 & 5", they are yellow and black. It says "connect the red and violet wire in pin 1 and 2" they are blue and blue with a black tracer.
    So are the wires installed wrong or are the instructions wrong?
    Piece of cake just send it back to Pakistan to be corrected right!
    The fuel injector emulator has "Hyundai" stamped on it and is built for four injectors -- the kit was ordered for a Ford V8.
    I need more advice from the **** experts who save so much money. This ford has two injector drivers with each controlling four injectors, do I hook up one emulator for each driver, just turn off power to the injectors and not use an enulator or send the kit back to Pakistan?
    There are 4000 people expressing opinion about the availability of these kits. I would appreciate it if some of you would quit complaining about the EPA long enough to share your expertise.
    Please tell me --- do I ---
    1. charge the customer for the additional time required
    2. see what I can do to make this high quality (money saving) kit work & charge the customer for the additional time required to straighten things out
    3. send the kit back to Pakistan & charge him for time spent
    4. Eat all the extra time so he can save money
    5. Should I even do this kit
    Please advise
    Stan M.

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    Re: Who pays the cost of saving money?

    Honestly, I wouldn't do the kit... Especially since he had aggreed on Technocarb, and brings in crap. I am curious though, were you going to install a Technocarb kit as well, since they currently don't have any EPA CNG kits either, I believe.
    1997 Factory Crown Victoria w/ extended tanks ~~ Clunkerized!
    2000 Bi-Fuel Expedition --> ~~ Sold ~~ <--


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      #5 is the answer

      Stan, I would consider #5 as your best option. Post-conversion you will be seeing this customer again and again.

      Today I met up with a friend who spent $14k to have his Toyota Tundra converted with a universal bi-fuel kit from someone in St. George. True to my warning before he had the conversion done, not only is the check engine light constantly on but all of the warning lights are now on too (4x4 light, oil, etc.). There is high pressure routed to a regulator under the hood (I hate seeing regulators anywhere but within a foot or so of the tanks), and speaking of tanks, they are out in the open in his truck bed for god-knows-what to begin degrading them. It's hard to believe Lincoln Composites sells to this installer.

      My next prediction to him was that he will be replacing the catalyst before too long, as the OEM computer is now all screwed up as to rich/lean burn. We will see how long it takes for this one to come to pass.