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Question about {reference to illegal manufacturer removed} conversion

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  • Question about {reference to illegal manufacturer removed} conversion

    I'm looking at an expedition for sale that is an aftermarket conversion. The guy doesn't provide much info, but does say it's not ford factory (they never made a CNG expedition), but is a kit made by {reference to illegal manufacturer removed}.

    My questions are:

    1. Is this a legal kit, or is this one of those shady deals that is better off avoided?

    2. He lists the CNG capacity as : "It has ten (10) 80 cuft natural gas tanks at 3000 psi for a total of 800 cuft of natural gas storage". This isn't in line with the normal GGE rating I've become accustom to. Is this a side line of it being an aftermarket (outlaw?) kit, or is this just another way of describing the capacity? What would that equate to in GGE?

    A quick Google of {reference to illegal manufacturer removed} brought up a company in Singapore, which appears to make CNG fueling stations as well as conversions. Their website sure looks legit, but I know that's Singapore and not the US.

    I sure don't want to find myself with something that doesn't work well, or violates the law, let alone creating a potential danger to my family. Any advice would be helpful.

    The price looks really good on the vehicle compared to others I've seen... but let the buyer beware.

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    You are right, stay away from this system

    Hi David, welcome to CNGchat!

    The conversion system you specified is from one of the Argentine companies which are not EPA or CARB certified. Please refer to our FAQ as well as the links on it to the excellent info provided by NGV America.

    I have removed reference to the illegal kit in your post in keeping with our policies. It is especially troubling that the seller of the vehicle does not even understand common industry nomenclature. Qualified conversion systems require qualified installers. This vehicle seems to have neither.