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NG Bi-fuel conversion in Classic Mustang...?

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  • NG Bi-fuel conversion in Classic Mustang...?

    I've just registered on the forum. My apologies if this question has been previously answered. I haven't found any discussion yet of the legal ramifications of doing a NG bifuel conversion on really old, as in 1960's classic vehicles.

    Anyhow, I have two classic mustangs. I'm considering selling one and doing a CNG bifuel conversion on the other, as I'm planning for it to be my grocery-getter until they won't let me drive anymore.....!

    But I don't want to spend $15-20K on the conversion. I am capable of doing it myself as I am a retired EE and lifelong motorhead. Done my own gas piping and electrical for years... built my own house once... etc....

    From what I read on this board, it seems the government has banned me from doing the job on a 1994 or later vehicle.... Ain't govenments swell..? REAGAN said it right: "Government is not the solution.... Government is the PROBLEM..!"

    In any case, my question is, are they gonna lock me up for doing this conversion on my 1966 Mustang...? I am in WA state, and I know they have no restrictions here on modifying engines, etc, on vehicles older than 25 years. But I don't know how far the Feds have stuck their noses in here. Or if CNG is banned, or what.

    Can anyone help...?

    Thanks to all....!

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    Re: NG Bi-fuel conversion in Classic Mustang...?

    On a vehicle not subject to polution controls ,IIRC ,the ony thing regulatory is going to be the fuel tank. D.O.T rated for the purpose and in date , but I an not in the conversion business , so someone who is can comment further.

    For a dedicated cng or propane engine that old , jack up the compression as high as you can , and install hard valve seats. Research octane on cng is about 130 , motor octane is about 108.

    Finding a tank and brackets at a cost that will not make you ill will not be easy .

    (I'm going to move this thread to service and conversions)


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      Re: NG Bi-fuel conversion in Classic Mustang...? Seatttle conversion shop?

      Thanks, John.

      I'm not planning to rebuild the engine (just the car - engine is good), so won't mess with compression. Probably would lose a bit of horsepower/efficiency on CNG. Since it would be bi-fuel, if I bumped the compression enough to matter, I'd be pinging when switched to gasoline.

      I saw another post mentioned a conversion shop in Seattle, but couldn't ask there because the thread was "closed". What's the rules behind a "closed" thread anyway...?

      I tried to google all versions I could think of for "NG conversions" in Seattle and did not find anything.

      Anybody have a name or link for conversion shop in Seattle area?

      As to hardware, I was thinking I might find some tanks, valves & stuff down at the Kirkland cop shop. They were runnning CNG in their cruisers some years ago but quit. One cop told me they got afraid of getting blown up in event of getting the tank shot up. Actually, I'd guess that's more likely with gasoline... probably had more to do with the time spent re-fuelling... Anyhow I thought they might still have some hardware lying around. Maybe too late now though.....