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Can an Aerostar be converted? How?

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  • Can an Aerostar be converted? How?

    I have a fleet of 5 Ford Aerostars and they are great vehicles...over 200k before engine trouble (wow). I want to convert to it hopeless? I live in Southern California and would LOVE to get carpool tough is that? Thanks...

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    Re: Can an Aerostar be converted? How?

    3.0 L or 3.8L ? lot's of Aerostars still around , far more durable than the Windstar vans (I got rear ended in my 99 ranger by a "Windstar" , Bent the bumper and tailgate $800 damage on my ranger , The winstar that hit me was a total ! doors even bent out! ).

    Anyway , don't know of a California Air Resourses Board approved kit.

    Carpool lane access , even if you found an approved kit , it would also need SULEV , ULEV or PZEV carb rating . Most of the small bunisess owners wanting this are using Civic gx for document runners , and oem full size ford or dodge vans for urgent cargo delivery services.

    Now on the replies of California being a Commie state , I always observed it more as a "Socialist Workers paradise"or at least some of the cities in the north part .
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