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Draining tanks for shipping.

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  • Draining tanks for shipping.

    Is there an easy way to drain a Ford cng tank from a non running vehicle.

    I have heard that there is a screw you can turn but it can ruin the valve. Is it safe to power up the valve and let it vent?

    Is it safe to ship or haul a non-empty tank?

    Please post methods for non-Ford makes (if any known)as well.

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    Re: Draining tanks for shipping.

    Can't speak for Ford, but on a Honda , the 2 allen setscrews on the tank valve assy , are the manual stop valves. it is a one way trip . NO REPLAY! Honda does not sell service parts for the tank valve assy .

    As to venting contents , how much ? Is it almost empty , and far away from any building or road, like 1/4 mile , discharge far from you and the car , windy day , blowing away from you and your exit path.

    Remember, even 1 gge is a LOT of gas.